A mine is one of the commodity industries. In normal mode these are Indestructible.

It will produce gold,silver and diamond on a monthly basis, and depending on the amount of stone quarry's around.

The mine will also upgrade itself on a higher level when their balance is enough to play for the upgrade. The base upgrade time is about 8 weeks and higher production will only occur after completing the upgrade, but it will be able to still produce the normal amount.

These industries are producing:

gold | silver | diamond

small mine Edit

Info IndustrieRohstoffS4

industry type: resource production

price: 9.500.000 $

size: 3 X 3 fields

production base amount: 15

storage size: 60

normal mine Edit

Info IndustrieRohstoffM4

industry type: resource production

price: 20.500.000 $

size: 4 X 4 fields

production base amount: 28

storage size: 160

large mine Edit

Info IndustrieRohstoffL4

industry type: resource production

price: 38.500.000 $

size: 5 X 5 fields

production base amount: 45

storage size: 450